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Over the years there have been many notable performers and teachers who have played on my instruments. There have also been many performers and teachers who have endorsed my instruments and highly recommended them to others. This is a partial list of a few of the players currently using my guitars, along with a few teachers who endorse my instruments.

David Grier
This guitar records well in the studio. Microphones love this guitar...
It projects nicely. Warm lows, full highs...
The craftmanship is first-rate too. Beautiful wood.
If you're in the market for a great guitar, this is it.

Pepe Romero
"One of the world's most artistic guitar makers. The personality and voice of each instrument express the depth of this luthier's understanding of the true art of guitar making."

Brett Floyd
"I must say it is the single greatest guitar I have ever played."

Ron Anthony
"I recently purchased one of your guitars from Maple Street Guitars in Atlanta. Since then I have come to the conclusion that it is the most prized possession I have ever owned. It has a most wonderful tone, and no guitar that I have seen is more beautiful. You are a great artist, and I am honored to possess one of your guitars."

Scott Tennant
L.A. Guitar Quartet
"I believe that Dake Traphagen is one of the world's great guitar builders. I have performed many concerts with the L.A.G.Q. on my Traphagen; it balances well with the others in the group and has great volume, clarity, and depth of sound. I've also been happy with the recordings I've done with it. Each Traphagen I see just gets better and better!"

Andrew Schulman
Abaca String Band, New York
"Dake Traphagen has built three 8-string guitars for me in the past two years. They are superb musical instruments. Dake's knowledge and expertise are joined by an artistic sensibility and personal good nature that make him an ideal luthier to work with."

Eric Tingstad
Recording artist and performer
"I find these guitars to be the clearest and most responsive classic guitars I've ever played. Without a doubt, they are the easiest recording guitar I've worked with in the studio."

John Gilbert
World renowned guitar maker
"Mr. Traphagen's guitars have come to be one of America's premier instruments; they are excellent by any standards. These guitars have wonderfull projection and are very easy to play. I would recommend them to any player wanting a truly expressive instrument."

Clair & George Petsch
Maple Street Guitars (formerly Atlanta Guitar Center)
"Dake Traphagen is consistently one of the finest concert classic guitar makers in America."

Greg Miner
"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the cedar double top you recently built for me.
This guitar has a truly special place in my affections. Everyone who hears it is spellbound by its intoxicating voice, and its beauty and workmanship are quite remarkable.
I continue to cherish each of my Traphagen guitars. To me they are among the best classical guitars available today.
They are an honor and a privilege to play."

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